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Out Of Place Eco-Friendly DVD Available!!


I am really excited to announce that the Eco-Friendly DVD produced in partnership with Homage Clothing is now available from our website!


In Jamie Yanak’s Perspective

There is a scene in Out Of Place that takes place in Jamie Yanak’s dark room.   Jamie, Camel cigarette dangling from his mouth, is shown printing  a photograph of Vince Labbe surfing.  It is one of my favorite moments in the film.  Jamie’s eloquent voice over captures so many feelings I have about the whole lake surfing experience.  Jamie says, and I am paraphrasing here, that the surfers are interesting in their own right, beyond the fact that they surf in a lake.  He says they are a band of misfits and outsiders, like himself.  That maybe that is why he is drawn to them.

Jamie was introduced to the Cleveland surf scene while on a photo assignment.  I think it might have been for the Associated Press.  After the assignment ended he continued shooting the surfers on his own time.  The next thing he knew he had an amazing collection of Lake Erie surf photographs, and  Furthermore, he ended up learning to surf and became a beloved member of the close-knit crew.   As he says in the film: now they are his best friends.

Jamie has been shooting a lot of pictures lately and posting many of them on his blogs and Flickr account. A few months ago Jamie began publishing an awesome Cleveland surf blog, The Sewer Pipe, named after the famous Edgewater Beach break that sits precariously close to a sewage run-off pipe.  The banner image on the site features one of my all time favorite lake surfing photographs and is worth a visit alone.   The blog is often hilarious and perfectly captures Jamie’s north eastern Ohio perspective (Yanak is a Parma boy born and raised!).

Enjoy these sites!

And say hi to Jamie for me if you see him on the beach with his Nikon.



“Thank you, God, for this good life and forgive us if we do not love it enough.” – Garrison Keillor

On the eve of the ‘season of thanks’ we wanted to thank you dear followers.  Thanks go to  every person who has supported us in any way throughout this journey.  

We promise to continue loving this life as much as we can.

And please remember,  the Out Of Place DVD is available for purchase from our site here:

Now go:
- drink good coffee
- catch a wave
- hang with friends
- drink good beer
- tell surfing stories
- watch an amazing movie
- grow a beard
- listen to good music
- act a fool

Out of Place movie crew.

Out Of Place DVD for sale!!!

We are happy to announce that the Out Of Place DVD is available for purchase from our site.  The cover design by Trevor Marzella is really great.  It is beautiful.

You can purchase the DVD here.  Payments are being processed through Pay-Pal so it is safe and secure.

We are also releasing an eco-friendly DVD in late December/early January.  This DVD release is being sponsored by Homage ( This is really exciting because everyone involved worked really hard on it and the people over at Homage are great.

So if you want the DVD right now or want to give it as a present for the holidays hurry up and buy the DVD HERE.   If you want the eco-DVD hold off for a few weeks and grab the Homage sponsored DVD release which will be coming in late December.  More about our collaboration with Homage will be coming to our website in the near future….so stay tuned.

EVENT: Phoenix Coffee Forum With Us

Come meet the Cleveland Surfers, as featured in the award winning documentary movie “Out of Place”. These guys & gals surf the icy waves of Lake Erie, primarily in the Fall and Winter. Phoenix Coffee has partnered with them to develop a custom blended coffee called “Dawn Patrol”, named after the surfer’s ritual of checking the waves at dawn each morning. We have partnered with them because we think the surfers embody the essence of Cleveland, and a wonderful spirit of making the best of life. The film “Out of Place” captures the lovable, grungy and beautiful things about Cleveland and Clevelanders. Come and meet the folks behind the movie and discover another reason to love and be proud of your hometown.

Filmmaker Scott Ditzenberger and Crew will discuss their commitment to the waves of Lake Erie, why SURFING! is important to showcasing and moving Cleveland forward, how their movie Out of Place is being noticed all over the world.

Join us for a slide show, lively discussion including a Q & A, and grab a cup of Phoenix Coffee’s very own surfer coffee blend, Dawn Patrol. This is sure to be an extra fun Phoenix Forum. We hope to see you there!

Location:   1300 West 9th Street – Cleveland OH, 44113 (Next to Constantino’s)

Event Time:  Sunday, November 21, 2010 – 2:00pm – 4:00pm

No Browns game, plenty of free parking on street.

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